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Bio-identical Progesterone Cream For Women

natural progesterone cream for womenProgestaPlus™ $34.95

Natural Progesterone Body Cream for Women

With: Aloe, Primrose, Vitamin E, Shea butter, Liposomes, Red Clover, Soy Isoflavones

* Natural hormone balance for PMS,  Menopause & Osteoporosis
* Derived from Wild Yam In a patented delivery system
* Sealed pump dispenser for freshness & exact measured dosage
* Lasts 2 months; 60 pumps per container

Why is Bio-identical natural progesterone so Important?

bio-identical progesteroneDuring the past 60 years estrogenic substances have permeated the foods we eat, the drugs we consume and environment in which we live. These unavoidable conditions have created serious out-of-balance, elevated levels of estrogens and/or its chemical counterparts known as zeno estrogens. The effect has been to lower progesterone levels – adversely affecting every organ in our body. Harvard trained physician, Dr. John R. Lee has written many books documenting the seriousness of an over-abundance of estrogens which he clinically refers to as “Estrogen dominance”.

Your body needs natural progesterone to counter-balance the toxic effects of estrogen dominance.

bio-identical progesteroneIn order to bring your system into balance it is often necessary to replenish and supplement your progesterone levels up to normal. When progesterone is in balance with estrogen it helps protect and prevent you from having estrogen driven health problems.

The effects of estrogen dominance

Dr. John R. Lee’s 25 years of clinical work, published research and books (supported by many medical research institutions around the world) has confirmed the troubling effects of out-of-balance hormones. Little doubt remains, estrogen dominance with the lack of natural progesterone in both men and women, is a major factor of Osteoporosis, Menopause problems, excessive weight, PMS, Migraines, Heart disease, Strokes, Uterine and Breast fibroids, cysts, tumors and cancers. Dr. Lee’s research also confirmed that low progesterone in men is linked to Prostate enlargement and disease.

Hundreds of published studies confirm data dating back to the early 1960’s. There is a direct correlation; i.e. “cause” and “effect” of female health problems as a consequence of estrogen dominance and HRT drugs. Read relevant articles on estrogen driven health problems.
Dr. Lee reports all these health issues are helped with the use of a good quality natural bio-identical progesterone cream.

Why is ProgestaPlus™ the best choice for you?

ProgestaPlus™ has a unique formulation containing only natural organic ingredients that are safe, effective and healthful. It has high quality natural, bio-identical progesterone with natural herbal ingredients. ProgestaPlus uses beneficial Liposomes* — not cosmetic oil carriers — to improve transdermal skin absorption. It also contains Isoflavones and Red Clover known as Phyto Estrogens – nature’s own plant sourced estrogen balancers. ProgestaPlus comes in an exclusive air tight pump container that seals in freshness and delivers the exact correct daily dosage each use.

[Liposomes are microscopic lipids ( water-insoluble fat globules ) made of a natural material similar to cell membrane. Liposomes easily pass through skin to be picked up by the capillaries that transport natural progesterone through the bloodstream to where it’s needed – effectively and consistently. Most progesterone creams use inexpensive oils (fat soluble cosmetic bases) rather than the more expensive liposomal compound. This can be a problem – the oil­based compounds have a tendency to stay in the skin for a long time with unpredictable results.]